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Custom MouthGuards by Rosie Family Dentistry


    SYHA sponsor Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry (located near the McGrath/Broadway intersection) would like to offer discounted custom mouthguards to members of the Somerville Youth Hockey Association. Athletic mouthguards are important to protect the teeth and mouth during any kind of sport. When they are made by a dentist, the guards tend to fit better, last longer, and are much more comfortable.

    Our office is currently offering mouthguards for $85 (normally $264) to SYHA players. The appointment takes approximately 15-30 minutes for a mold of the mouth and patients can either wait an hour for the mouthguard to be fabricated, return at a later date, or we can mail them with instructions.

    To schedule an appointment, please call the office at (617) 623-2100, email office@smilesbyrosie.com, or drop by the office, located at 6 Kensington Ave in Somerville. For more information about the practice, feel free to visit our web site:www.smilesbyrosie.com. Though we gladly accept new pediatric and adult patients, hockey players are welcome to come to the office for the mouthguards only and can return to their regular dentist for future care.